Partnering with Ancestry for 'Come Find Me'

02 - 09 - 15

Moth is excited about it's partnering with VCCP for this campaign. 

Ancestry and VCCP have launched a new campaign across TV, digital and social called 'Come Find Me' with production partner Moth.

The campaign features characters from the past asking us to connect with them, through Ancestry's family history technology and unique DNA profiling.

Says Dean Hunt, founding CD, VCCP: "Each of these moving portraits is a simple call to action. A message from the past asking us to connect. We get a taste of each person's world at their time in history, and hint of their story. We get to experience the fear of our First Fleet convict; the optimistic resolve of our Barrow Girl; and the raw danger of the Viking. 

"Effectively this is a brand campaign with a simple direct response twist, brought to life with great production values and meaty performances. 

Directed by Brendan Donovan 

Words by Campaign Brief