NEIGHBOURHOOD is a monthly newspaper delivered for free to 70,000 homes across Sydney’s inner city community. We’re the defining place for issues, arts, culture and creativity in this neighbourhood – thus our name. Find out more at

Our publication is not just about one city and its interests – it’s about a state of mind we share with communities across the world, actual and virtual. We believe in a community newspaper where journalism and poetry, investigative reporting and literary style, can coexist and converge in new and exciting ways. Drop us a line if you think you have something to say. We’d appreciate it. Welcome to the NEIGHBOURHOOD.

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Our website, NEIGHBOURHOODPAPER.COM, offers even more content, including additional articles, interviews and reviews, as well as podcasts, videos, and photography. While the paper grounds us in Sydney’s Inner East, Inner City and Inner West, the website engages us with a national, even global conversation.

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